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The amount of ’emergency calls’ I’ve received in the last 4 weeks is a real reflection of what’s going on. This is not just the holiday season or the economy. I apologize for not getting this note out earlier, but I’ve been knee deep in it myself and have been prepping for some pretty big & exciting changes in 2011!

Heaving Change: Use the Momentum

The energies look more than a little chaotic… it reminds me of the kind of earthquake where the earth really rolls & churns.

The bad news is that it’s hard to tell which way is up, old stuff is being regurgitated from the past and things thought resolved have suddenly made an appearance again.

The good news is that there are very few undercurrents and if you really decide to ‘work’ the energy currents, you can make very good use of the energy momentum. How, you ask?

This is decision time. Choose Now & hold your Higher Vision.

    Sometimes it’s appropriate to be able to flow, absorb the movement and coast along. This isn’t what I’ve seen lately. There are random things coming up for folks:

    1. You are posed with life changing opportunity. These are very real forks in the road with no going back. Are you going to live your dream? (risk, fear & all?)
    2. Others with influence in your life are making choices that are in-congruent with your vision for the life you want. It’s like they can’t hear you or aren’t taking you seriously. There can’t be any bluffing or posturing here when approaching this.
    3. You have a strange awareness that you aren’t acting like yourself. Others are provoking a weird, kind of fake response system within you. You have to decide on reality over fantasy. Most often I’ve seen reality compromise because of a deep longing desperation. This is a call to align with a deeper inner truth.

    Once you choose, follow up and follow through. Get the wheels in motion.

      This is the scaffolding for your unfolding vision. If you aren’t flowing with your vision, the energy will churn and you will feel carried away and without control. Have you ever been whitewater rafting? It’s better to be paddling!

      • This is not the moment for catharsis, processing or introspection.
      • If it comes up to be looked at, face it. Get help & make an actionable plan if needed.
      • Measure your choices against your inner awareness and follow the aligning path.

      This seems to have taken people off guard a bit. Reference back to the last newsletter for the reasons. Click here. Then reference back to the one before that to see what is coming to a head right now. Click here. Of course there will always be struggles, but now is the time to stake your claim in the direction of the life you want.

      What if you don’t? 2 points:

      1. You create time. Not a bad thing if you can rest with your choice since new opportunities will always unfold as the Universe conspires for your well-being. Not a good thing if you’ll face regret and are discontent with the way things are right now.
      2. Facing overwhelm or emptiness. Without personal investment in your visions, they will begin to feel hollow and like they will never manifest. And truly, if you don’t action your vision, how will they evolve into being? Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

      Even a seemingly downward spiral has momentum that can rebound like a boomerang and it doesn’t have to end in a crash. Just allow for unexpected avenues and explore, explore, explore! It is this same strategy that I used this month when someone used the words, “Catastrophic failure” to me ~ regarding something to do with me. (!)

      General encouragement: Take advantage of the movement that’s already around and try to remember that although change can be rough, it’s got a momentum in place that’s very hard to generate from a ‘stand still’ position. It’s this same energy that will carry you through to the other side of the chaos.

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